Sunday, April 28, 2013

SL Wedding Church

by Lim Pikajuna

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*please set your viewer LOD to 4.0 or above.  or visit this "LOD SETTING"
# use CasperTech Rezzer
# Aeon Vox door script
# 100% Mesh Church building
# all in only 231 land impacts
# Land build up area 64meter x 43 meter[good for 4096land]
# building build up area 16 meter  x 40 meter


# Base landscaping with grass,bush,rock,plant and big trees, garden lamp , building light
   [swing spot light]street light on/off follow SL region setting and environment sound.
# church building with colored glass window ,Grand main entrance door and staircase
# [touch]swing ringing church bells,stage,on/off 9-bulb wagon wheel ceiling projector light.
# Christmas tree,1 chapel red carpet ,Rope barrier ,divider ,pew with 6 animation poses.

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